28th November 2023
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28th November 2023 Cass Hartono


In a dynamic TV landscape, technological advancements continue to reshape how content is consumed, and highlight the importance of concepts such as contextual targeting.

PreciseTV claims to be a brand safe, contextual targeting solution, offering brands suitable campaigns that would significantly outperform industry benchmarks while providing an efficient and measurable way of buying. PreciseTV is predominantly across Youtube, with some growth in the Tiktok space. Unlike traditional broadcasting, which relies on a generally broad audience approach, Precise TV is able to tailor content delivery based on individual preferences, viewing habits and demographic data using advanced data analytics and AI for a personalised viewing experience.

Some features of PreciseTV include:

  1. Precise + Graph DMP which involve 5 billion data points to allow granular audience targeting even in the absence of cookies or IDs.
    This data is able to reach specific audience segments much more effectively, allowing greater optimization on campaigns for better engagement and ROI, reducing wastage.
  2. Content delivery is personalised by analysing user behaviour, preferences and demographics which creates a customized content feed for viewers.
  3. PreciseTV’s data is able to marry up the highest affinity audiences on Youtube with purchase intent on a brand.
  4. Access to all Youtube inventory without necessarily acquiring a premium when investing through PreciseTV & decreased media costs by bidding against thousands of relevant video placements rather than competitive keywords.

In terms of buying, PreciseTV work on a brief by brief basis in which the CPV/CPM is determined by how granular the targeting and length of creative.

As an indicative CPV cost, it would range from $0.04 to $0.10 and CPMs from $10 to $18. There is no minimum spend, however, good learnings can be generated from the $5k mark and above.

PreciseTV is an exciting tech driven offering which gives a glimpse into the future where content consumption is individualized to enhance engagement and to minimise as much advertising wastage as possible.


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