Kaimera @ SXSW: Day 4

20th October 2023
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20th October 2023 Zoe Amos

Kaimera @ SXSW: Day 4

Comprising of more than 800 sessions, 19 different tracks and countless brand activations- the inaugural SXSW Sydney promises to be not just a conference but a melting pot of creative thinking, inspiring speakers, and provocative panel. Across so many varied sessions, it really is a ‘choose your own adventure’ of ideas and speakers.


Each day we want to share some of the things that made the team at Kaimera say “huh…. that’s interesting” and that will hopefully kickstart some new ideas and encourage some debate.


As another big day all about music, tech, innovation and sport comes to an end, a few things remain stuck in my mind.

  1. Nurturing positive work relationships in the age of hybrid working.

In the age of hybrid working, fostering positive relationships with our jobs is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. A recent study conducted by HP, known as the Work Relationship Index; provides crucial insights into the state of work relationships across 12 different countries, with data gathered from over 15,000 participants. The session, hosted by Oliver Hill, Country Manager for HP New Zealand, and business owner Leanne Robers, revealed some striking findings that shed light on the current state of work relationships.

One of the most eye-opening statistics from the study is that only 22% of Australians reporting having a healthy relationship with work. This revelation is particularly surprising given the increased flexibility in work arrangements that these post COVID times offer.  Also surprisingly, 83% of those surveyed expressed that they would be open to taking a pay cut if that meant switching to a job that offered a happier and more flexible working environment. This sentiment was particularly prevalent among millennials and Gen Z, highlighting a need for change in the way we approach work.

To address these issues and create a healthier work environment, the study identified six key areas that require attention and transformation:

  1. Fulfillment: Helping our people find purpose and joy in their work
  2. Leadership: leading with empathy and creating emotional connections
  3. People Centricity: Ensuring we are really putting our people first
  4. Skills: giving our people the chance and the tools to upskill
  5. Tools: proving the correct tools to achieve the above
  6. Workplace: delivering true flexibility and trust.

Incorporating these principles into our daily work lives can make a significant difference. We can ensure that by helping our teams feel fulfilled, supported, understood and empowered, that we are more likely to generate healthy work relationships.


  1. Lessons from Chance the Rapper: Embracing Independence and Opportunity


Chance the Rapper in Conversation was a standout of the day for me. As part of a panel celebrating 50 years of hip hop, there is a lot we can take away and apply to a completely different life. One key takeaway from his talk was the idea that independence has given him complete control over his music and career. This is a paradigm shift, challenging the conventional belief that success in the music industry equates to signing with a major record label. Chance’s experience holds a valuable lesson for all of us, even those who are far removed from the music industry.

In the world of media agencies, as an emerging graduate, I was frequently advised to set my sights on large holding companies as the ultimate goal. However, Chance the Rapper’s story echoes my own experience. Independent agencies, similar to his independent music career, can offer just as many, if not more, opportunities. These agencies tend to invest more directly in their people, providing a nurturing environment where individuals can truly shine and make a difference.

Towards the conclusion of the session, the moderator posed the age-old question: “What do you think is the meaning of life?” Chance’s response was nothing short of thought-provoking: “Opportunity.” According to him, life is all about embracing and making the most of the opportunities that come our way. This wisdom goes beyond the boundaries of the music or advertising industry; it’s a universal truth. Chance’s perspective encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, to welcome change, and to seize every opportunity that presents itself. These opportunities may take many forms: career moves, personal challenges, or new experiences. By doing so, we open ourselves up to the potential for life-altering transformations. Chance’s message is a reminder that the path to fulfillment and success often lies in our ability to recognize and act on the opportunities that life offers

Chance the Rapper’s journey and his profound philosophy of life as “opportunity” have the power to inspire and guide us, irrespective of our individual paths. His story challenges preconceived notions and encourages us to be bold, independent thinkers who recognize the value of opportunities and are unafraid to pursue them. In a world filled with conventions and expectations, Chance’s perspective serves as a reminder that sometimes, the road less traveled leads to the most extraordinary destinations.


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