Kaimera @ SXSW: Day 2

18th October 2023
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18th October 2023 Stewart Gurney

Kaimera @ SXSW: Day 2

Human Connection

Comprising of more than 800 sessions, 19 different tracks and countless brand activations- the inaugural SXSW Sydney promises to be not just a conference but a melting pot of creative thinking, inspiring speakers, and provocative panel. Across so many varied sessions, it really is a ‘choose your own adventure’ of ideas and speakers.


Each day we want to share some of the things that made the team at Kaimera say “huh…. that’s interesting” and that will hopefully kickstart some new ideas and encourage some debate.


Despite the rain and the fact, I annoyingly misplaced my notebook (I had to write most of this from memory), the avalanche of new ideas continued into day two. Across the different session I attended there were a few things that made me sit up and think.


1. The people who understand people will always win

Futurist and author Rohit Bhargava spoke about the importance of human connection and curiosity. In a world where technology keeps us distracted and contained, those who are brave enough to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace the “non-obvious” will win. The ability to find genuine ways to connect with people, understand and predict what will motivate and drive them is going to be key to navigating technological change.


2. Compassionate capitalism is changing existing business models.

The binary that business had to either do ‘good’ or maximise ‘profit’ is being broken down by the emergence of more organisations that embed social impact into their business models. The Humanitix founder explained how his company is disrupting the ticketing industry by using all profits to fund a variety of charities. Their business model is still rooted in the core principles of offering a good product at a good price, but the social impact angle offers a new way to connect with customers.


3. Australian storytelling is about universal connection combined with local texture.

Netflix ANZ director of content, Que Minh Luu, spoke passionately about how locally produced and curated content had a resounding impact on Aussie culture and the economy. She spoke about the power of storytelling in creating genuine ‘human connection’, and how having content specifically designed for Australia (beyond just an accent) not only drove success in this market but saw success across the globe.


Amidst lots of A.I chat and technology fearmongering,  it was interesting to see many sessions today tap into the importance of  ‘human connection’. Despite these emerging technologies, human behaviours and desires are still paramount. The more than brands or businesses can listen to people and genuinely attempt to understand them, the more likely they are to succeed. It’s a nice reminder to not get too distracted by new shiny technology, but to also spend time appealing to people on a human level.


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