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3rd May 2023
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3rd May 2023 Ella Dalton

Thinking outside the media box p3

You all know Kaimera as a media agency. What you may not know is that we also have a partnerships team. A team that thinks outside the media box and specialises in all things integration and creative. In the “Think Outside the Box” Blog Series, Ella and Sally will explore why integration and partnerships are such a valuable tool in your media arsenal and how you can get the very best out of your creative assets.


Facebook. Arguably the OG social media platform, and the largest one by nearly every metric. Around 37% of the world population use Facebook monthly, with 79% of them active daily. In February 2022, 21.45 million Australians were active users of social media (Genroe) – meaning it is pretty crucial to be getting your ads right and captivate the huge potential audience present.

Instagram. FB’s little (not so little) sister. In March 2022, we had 16m monthly actives on Instagram in Australia, with well over a billion monthly active users across the world, and on a normal day, around 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every day. It is pretty crazy to think about how much of a beast the platform is, with people jumping on the app to not only explore their friends content, or to socialise but now to discover, shop, learn and engage with content from across the world. Instagram has played such a crucial role in businesses, often in our modern world, being the base of success for small businesses. Which is why getting it right is critical.

Although there are several different strategies and goals that we aim to hit within the Metaverse, it is important that you are also focusing on making better ads with good creative best practices to ensure you are kicking all goals. By getting the creative right, businesses are more likely to grow faster and achieve long-term success. See below a few simple powerful tips to deepen your impact:

  1. Use text wisely – every character counts to engage and convince
  2. Test and learn – test one variable at a time to learn which one gets the best result, so you can optimise towards best performing and reach ad goals. Test messaging, try different imagery and experiment with different audiences.
  3. Show your brand, product, or service in the first three seconds – attention is hard to capture, so remember to show brand or product in first 3 seconds to quickly capture awareness
  4. Use high-resolution, authentic brand images or videos to help show off your product/service/brand
  5. Create on-brand, native-to-the-platform videos that don’t look like ads – bring a human touch, show your product or service in action, with different angles and textures telling a story.
  6. Design for sound-off but delight with sound-on
  7. Construct a narrative with Instagram video ads – tell a story. Create a narrative around your offering, showing how it can be part of a lifestyle. Or, give a fact to your brand by sharing a behind-the-scenes look.
  8. Add captions to your video content
  9. Always test different ad formats – use the recommended aspect ratio for the different formats and placements (Meta Business Help Center)
  10. Keep videos short and sharp to ensure people watch until the end.
  11. The focus is on the visual however establish both your look and voice and stay consistent
  12. Make sure your ad copy complements your images
  13. Keep a strong focal point with your chosen brand element
  14. Make your messages match your goals when you run an ad, so it is clear what you are asking the customer to do
  15. And lastly, and in my personal opinion, most importantly – stay authentic to your brand.

To inspire you, check out Meta’s extensive journal of best-in-class ads selected by the Meta Creative Shop. So instead of focusing on just nailing the audience targeting and the spots and dots, reach out to the integrations team to help you nail your creative.


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