The most important question! Part 1

3rd August 2022
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3rd August 2022 Abbey Saric

The most important question! Part 1

As today’s fast paced lifestyle has turned into more of a sprint, it’s clear that people only want answers to the most important questions in an attempt to make life a little easier. One of those questions being what celebrity/character they are most like, based on their job description, job title or just overall attitude at work (as I said, very important!). This question may be silly or unnecessary, but in life we should always make time to take a step back and laugh at ourselves, and again answer that burning question of, who am I most like? Well today is your lucky day, as I take you through Kaimera’s dazzling team (part 1) and who they think is the best choice, for this ever-so important question.  


Before jumping in, these options were selected by the team members themselves. We have a varying cast here, so if you’re a prospective client this is a great way to really catch a feel of our fun and energetic team, that are seriously dedicated to their jobs, so much so they know which character/celeb they are at work.  


So, on a not so serious/silly note (depending on your persuasion) camera’s, lights, action!  

Let’s start with our CEO, Nick Behr or shall I say Craige Bellamy the Melbourne Storm’s coach, now in Nick’s words, and yes in his words, possibly paraphrased a bit, because I don’t want to get into trouble “he is very passionate and fiery”. Take that as you will, but Nick, I’m letting you know that I solemnly swear that I will never put a fork in the dishwasher upside down.  




Up next is a newbie to the team, like me, Sally Powell, the Director of Partnerships, Content and Social. Sally chose the wonderful Lynette Scavo, from the famous soap opera Desperate Housewives (a personal favourite of mine). Also, in advertising both Sally and Lynette have a no BS policy and work hard, can I get a ‘yeah the girls’. 




Anna Magliano, Kaimera’s Head of Client Services, is the amazing Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, can I get a whistle! Samantha is honest, tough, and loyal, and after the short amount of time I’ve been at Kaimera Anna is definitely all of those.  




Introducing Chris Rivas, our CFO. Chris had an array of characters he was deciding between, to which he landed on Christian Wolff, from The Accountant. This one is almost too fitting from the name to the job, Chris really hit the nail on the head with choosing this one! 



The next newbie to introduce is Marianne Lane, the Head of Investment, congrats girly! When it comes down to all things financial it’s clear the only option is the one and only Jeffrey Bezos, these two smart cookies have a keen eye for navigating the dough!  





Drum roll please for Ngita Bowers our Buying Director, now Ngita has been previously described as Monica from Friends, but this isn’t just about personality, therefore I’ll be introducing her as Miranda Presley from The Devil Wears Prada, a true icon. Anything you think of, Ngita has got it covered (hopefully I get to go to Paris). 



Tania Babela, our TV Investment Manager, is the lovely Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. This bubbly, energetic character aligned with Tania, which makes sense as they’re both stars with TV in their own way.  




A part of the TV team is Lucas Ontivero the Screens Coordinator, identifying as Le Lin Chin, an Australian journalist known for her skills and fashion. Lucas brings some funk and flare, “always ready to party” he said. But don’t worry Ngita and Tania, he knows when it’s time for business. 






Alana Macintyre, Client Coordinator, had a difficult time choosing her character/celeb, but with a little help from her friends, she settled on Postman Pat. Postman Pat enjoys his work, and likes to chat with everyone, being a client coordinator, I think Alana enjoys chatting (just an assumption), the character may also align with some of the work she’s been doing recently 😉 




Gaby Plazas, another one of our Client Coordinator has a great character choice in my opinion (I’m a musical theatre feen), Matilda! From Matilda. Gaby said “she’s cute, strong, a bit of an introvert but then also powerful and I want her magic powers” honestly same girl.  




Now finally you’re at the end, and it’s me! Abbey Saric, Digital Platform Coordinator, my spirit character is Kelly Kapoor, as I’m still new to the role, I went with more of my personality at work. I resonate with Kelly’s love for fashion, seamless pop culture references and maybe her abilities to provide some distraction. Anyways to put it bluntly I will now conclude with a famous Kelly quote “Who am I? I’m Kelly Kapoor, the business b**ch.” Thank you.  




If these characters were in a show called Kaimera it would have one heck of a pilot episode, going on 6 seasons and a movie (thank you Abed from Community for the idea) all leading up to an Emmy.   Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2… more to come! 


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