The power of simplicity

28th July 2022
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28th July 2022 Sally Powell

The power of simplicity

We all know and love the KISS principle.


How and why we should apply simplicity to every aspect of our media and advertising activities was the topic of discussion at the recent Mumbrella 360 conference.  Our very own Chief Strategy Officer, Stewart Gurney, was joined by a panel of smart marketers and business leaders including:

to unpack how we, as an industry, we can find simple solutions to complex problems.


In 2022, there’s more channels, more platforms, more data, more formats. And against a backdrop of rising inflation, institutionalised complexity and a global pandemic, the need for simplicity is more important than ever.


So keeping it simple, let’s skip straight to the key take outs:

Ask “what is driving the complexity?” Make sure you are Identify the root problem, not react to the symptoms.

Fewer. Bigger. Better. Quality trumps quantity everytime.

Sh*t in means Sh*t out. Pretty self-explanatory really.

Ask “Am I busy…. Or productive”? And if the answer is ‘busy’, then make the changes you need to be productive.

Nail the brief.  Distil the key thought into 14 words or less. Clear really is kind!

Embrace neurodiversity. 84% of dyslexics are above average in reasoning.  They are really strong at deconstructing complex ideas and concepts. So don’t discount the importance of neurodiversity.


And if you do all of the above, every day, in every aspect of your work…. You’ll be kicking goals.


A full edit of the discussion will be available soon. Stay tuned peeps.


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