5 Questions with…

25th July 2022
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25th July 2022 Ayesha Foote

5 Questions with…

Welcome back to our series, 5 Questions with… created to help us, and you, get to know our clients a little better. This month we are highlighting our awesome client, Scape, and have asked our famed 5 Questions to Rosalind Lill-Lusby, General Manager of Brand and Marketing  and Heidi Verlaan, Senior Brand and Marketing Manager at Scape.

  1. How did you come to join to the Kaimera family? 

Rosalind: Scape worked with Kaimera on some not-for-profit work via Study NSW.

  1. The key highlight of your Kaimera experience so far? 

Rosalind: BY FAR THE TEAM – AYESHA and GABY have been the most amazing partners and worked with us to produce a robust, multichannel campaign we feel immensely proud of. It’s the most significant media investment our business has ever made and the team’s patience and negotiation skills made the difference between getting it over the line and blowing it up.

Heidi: I’d have to echo Ros here! What a campaign, what a delivery and what a team.

  1. What’s the one campaign/ brand you think is truly great and why? 

Rosalind: SO MANY, I was just talking to a friend about the Absolut Vodka bottle campaign that ran for something like 20 years…  As a kid I actually use to cut them out and make collages out of them and when I went to uni couldn’t wait to drink it. Their market share was around 2% and grew to 50% just by building that bottle awareness and recognition through consistency and creativity. The copy was great, it just worked – it was simple and clever. It worked across all regions, languages and cultures. Obviously, this is before the complicated channel strategies we now use, but still it was fun.


Heidi: That’s tough to name just one! I’d have to say one that’s really stuck out was The New York Times – ‘The Truth is Hard’ campaign. I was living in the states and the campaign launched at an important time. It was a strategic media approach; simple black and white text creative that cut through visually, all while packing some powerful messages. Launching during the Oscars, it got people’s attention and it continued. Iterations of the campaign are still being used today.

  1. If you had a magic wand and could make a marketing wish, what would it be? 

Rosalind: It’s hard to look beyond Scape right now. I’d love to see all our beds full and our students having the time of their lives advocating for the experience – while ticking the OOH/Media/Social ‘how did you hear about us box’. Also – another 10 hours in the day.

Heidi: One tool for everything! If it exists, please let me know.

  1. What would be your plan B career? 

Rosalind: Editing my son’s TikToks, oh wait I’m already doing that.

Heidi: A travel influencer (who doesn’t have to do the influencer part and just gets to travel!).


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