Think you know how to buy outdoor retail? Think again…

21st July 2022
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21st July 2022 Gaby Plazas

Think you know how to buy outdoor retail? Think again…

The retail space is a competitive one, amongst our favourite Outdoor partners and with retail store numbers now matching pre-Covid 19 times, the ability to secure the best retail sites has become even more critical.

Last week Kaimera was visited by both oOh! Media and Val Morgan Outdoor, and both partners presented their latest data on what matters when buying outdoor retail. After listening to both the presentations, it was time for us Kaimerians to think critically about how we can use our 6 key principles to “Focus on Reach” and present the best retail options to our clients. So here’s what we learnt…

To achieve the best results across a retail buy you need to have two things: a blend of Centre Types (The types include: XS, S, M & L) as well as a combination of static and digital sites.  oOh! Medias latest MOVE 1.5 analysis research demonstrated that by implementing the combination of static and digital sites you can achieve a 12% greater 1+ reach and a 4% cheaper CPM (static ads live on!).

All in all, these presentations provided some food 4 thought for us Kaimerians. Moving forward we will be taking these new data findings from the partners on board to see how we can get the best bang for buck for our clients. So watch this space folks because we are ready to tackle retail outdoor buys like you’ve never seen before…



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