Create meaningful conversation through Cavai

18th July 2022
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18th July 2022 Alana MacIntyre

Create meaningful conversation through Cavai

The world of advertising is a weird and wonderful place, even more so for consumers who are seeing hundreds (or even thousands) of ads a day. In a world where our brains are so saturated with information, it’s more important than ever to create advertising solutions that deliver cut through.


Enter Cavai.


Fundamentally, Cavai is a tech product that provides a simple solution to complex advertising problems. The unit itself is a clickable conversation or chat box that captures consumers not by assuming interest, but rather by creating it. There are numerous reasons as to why Cavai is an innovative and relevant solution in today’s advertising landscape, and what better way to explore these than through some of Kaimera’s key planning and buying principles.


Here at Kaimera we love attention, it underpins everything we do. Through the interactive nature of the chat format, consumers are drawn into the conversation delivering high dwell times and conversion rates across the board. By allowing the user to navigate their own product journey, brands can drive awareness, educate, inspire, and enable the path to purchase.


Creativity is crucial and is front and centre of the Cavai product. By unlocking the power of personalised conversation, an element of interactivity comes to life in a way that consumers don’t often experience.  Whether it be a quiz or a movie guide, users are in for an fun and unconventional advertising experience that ultimately places the brand top of mind.


Take a look at their creative gallery for more!


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