Cutting-edge assets to elevate brand creatives

12th July 2022
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12th July 2022 Ella Dalton

Cutting-edge assets to elevate brand creatives

Have you been wondering how to make your brands creatives stand out, in a time where audiences in Australia see on average 10,000 advertisements every day? Look no further than 7DX and here’s why…

Earlier this week Kaimera experienced one of our six key planning and buying principles in action: Creativity is Crucial. 7DX is a virtual and augmented reality publisher who have assets in: gamified experiences, web experiences, virtual showrooms and experiential activations. By combining technology and behavioural science, these creative solutions allow brands to (virtually) take their audience on a journey, be involved in a contextually relevant environment, use a new product or even become apart of the metaverse……(what more could you want?).

One of the key takeaways from the presentation was how significant virtual and augmented reality can be in awakening an audiences brain. This consequently allows them to retain information more easily. 7DX highlighted that virtual reality has a strong impact on the brains cognitive gain, in 1 year you can see an 80% retention rate from a user.

Later on in the presentation, us Kaimerians, were lucky enough to be able to analyse some of the virtual assets the 7DX team had created for various clients in the past as well as try out their VR simulation. By testing out 7DX’s assets, I realised how critical creativity is in advertising to keep audiences excited, enhance attention and retain information.

I’m excited to see how these innovative products will continue to evolve and how we can utilise these assets for our Kaimerian clients.


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