Is the ‘death of the cookie’ really that big of a deal?

15th June 2022
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15th June 2022 Max Zagorski

Is the ‘death of the cookie’ really that big of a deal?

The death of the cookie has been covered a fair bit. So, here’s another article the death of the cookie, and why it’s not really that big of a deal.


With all the panic around finding good cookie-less data solutions, they seem like a bit of a unicorn. But just how hard is it to find alternative targeting methods?


The answer: not very hard. And it’s pretty ethical too.


The biggest thing about the death of the cookie is that it only concerns third party data. First party data still exists. Second party data still exists. Millions of people in Australia alone opt-in and give their favourite brands access to valuable consumer insights.


This week, Kaimera was treated to a presentation by Near– a data solutions platform dedicated to providing privacy-led intelligence. Advertisers can partner with Near, and enrich their own first party data to match it with over 250 consumer attributes. This is just one of many cookie-less targeting solutions using information provided by customers.


Ultimately, it all comes back to trust. If a brand builds trust using the right methods, consumers are more likely to share their habits, interests, and data with them.


So, if you work in advertising or marketing, don’t fret. You can still target the right people and gain insights from loyal consumers who reward brands they trust. When the cookie does crumble, it is authentic brands who will reap the benefits.


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