Power of Distinctive Brand Assets

14th June 2022
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14th June 2022 Laura Addison

Power of Distinctive Brand Assets

When thinking about some well-known brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Cadbury, or even Campos Coffee, they all have a distinctive brand asset in common, that being their colour. As stated by WARC, “brands assets help create shortcuts in consumers’ minds that make brands more memorable and easily recalled in relevant situations”. Colour being one, but others include symbols, logo, packaging, spaces, sounds, fonts, characters, shapes, smells, flavours, taglines, etc.

The power of distinctive brand assets is found in the decision-making moments. A study, by Kantar Millward Brown, showed that brands with the strongest assets were on average 52% more salient than their rivals. This means that distinctive brand assets not only improve how easily a brand is found, but also makes a brand more likely to be bought by consumers than that of their competitors.

Taking Campos Coffee as an example, their distinctive green cup is what can be easily recognisable, which has a direct correlation to the brand. Continuing to use their green cup across their café network ensures this distinctive brand asset remains salient, and hopefully acting as that shortcut to a consumer’s wallet.

Byron Sharp is another person who speaks on this concept, and who argues that differentiation is less important than building distinctive qualities and assets. He notes “it’s less about trying to find unique selling propositions and more trying to find unique identifying characteristics”. Ultimately saying it’s less about the slightly different, sometimes exaggerated USPs, and more about the colours, fonts, and tag lines – even if they convey little or no meaning.


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