What’s your data worth?

9th June 2022
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9th June 2022 Daniel Miller

What’s your data worth?

With big tech running roughshod with data and privacy for so long, it is no wonder that we have seen the government tightening regulations in this space.

There is no doubting that this is in line with community expectations, as stated in the Commissioner’s foreword in the 2020 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey:

‘More than half of us experienced a problem with how our data was used during the 12 months leading up to the survey, such as unwanted marketing communications, or personal information being collected when it was not required.’

Ostensibly most people are privacy focused, but would they be so concerned with the use of their personal data if they were being remunerated in some fashion for it? I wonder whether more people would not opt in to be tracked by their apps if they were getting a cut of the profit.

One UK company seeking to answer that question is Gener8.

By sharing your data through the Gener8 browser or extension in Chrome, you can be rewarded through gift cards, new tech or donations to charitable organisations close to your heart.

I first came across them a year ago, when my YouTube feed recommended a Dragon’s Den video featuring them.

Spoiler-alert: they smashed it in the Den and were fighting the offers off with a stick.

Whether this quid pro quo system will have the legs to provide an effective at-scale data targeting solution remains to be seen.

For me, it shows there are ways forward in this privacy-centric future, without compromising the spirit of transparency and choice, that regulators and the public wish to see.

I recommend taking a look at their pitch in Dragons Den and see if you don’t come away convinced:





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