Talk dirty to Gen Z

18th May 2022
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18th May 2022 Olivia Scott

Talk dirty to Gen Z

It’s no secret to anyone that the world is changing. Fast. Gen Z have been part of our vernacular for a while now and account for 40% of the consumer population. According to Buzzfeed, they have more influence than any other generation and they influence generations upwards. They are the first ‘digitally native’ generation whose technological prowess means they can call brands out at scale within seconds.

I always dreaded the moment that the words “back in my day” would ever leave my mouth. I’m 27 (ripe old millennial age) and I’m getting dangerously close. Long gone are the days of Team Blair vs Team Serena (I’m Team Blair btw). Today is all about representative and diverse role models. Aspirational and orchestrated content has lost its mojo. Brands need to celebrate relatable and ‘normal’ people to appeal to this cohort. As a brand you better practice what you preach- as Pepsi quickly learnt in 2017. You better bet your last dollar that Gen Z will hold you accountable if they spot even a smidgeon of insincerity.

The rule is simple and can be drilled down to 3 key values for a brand: inclusivity, mission driven and authenticity.

Let’s not forget that, for the majority of brands, the people making the marketing decisions are far removed from the attitudes and behaviours of the Gen Z audience. Despite this, marketers should not ignore this generations influence and the values that drive their purchasing decisions – embrace them.

*Definition: Gen Z = People 9-24

Source: Buzzfeed Gen Z Research, June 2021
Buzzfeed Creators Research, September 2020


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