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12th May 2022
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12th May 2022 Ella Dalton

Fresh Feeds

Instagram and NFTs – the perfect pair

Load up your crypto wallets because Instagram has just announced that Meta will be launching their brand new NFT display option. With Instagram being the contemporary haven for photo and video sharing, it comes as no surprise that NFTs will now be integrated into the platform.

Instagrammers will now be able to flaunt their NFTs across the main IG feed, stories and through direct messages. The images will also sport a hexagon tick to indicate verified ownership.

Nevertheless, the feature is still in its early stages of development and Instagram is looking to expand on its capabilities. In addition to showcasing NFTs, Instagram is cashing in on the metaverse and looking to transform the platform into a marketplace for NFTs where users can eventually bid on these digital products.

The feature will support a range of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and Solana.

The death of password-based logins

It looks like it might be time to scrap your pen and paper – the end of password-based logins may be coming sooner than you think!

While alternative sign-in processes have been around for quite some time, there has been increased momentum towards standardising authentication methods with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google, showing their support towards the movement. The three big tech companies have recently announced that they are committed to introducing passwordless authentication across all their platforms.

So, how will it work? The passwordless login process will allow users to select their mobile phones as their main authentication device – it will then be as simple as unlocking your phone to sign into any web service.

Look forward to deleting all your password notes soon, as major platforms are indicating they will roll out passwordless logins within the next year.

Inspired by TikTok, Instagram has some changes on the way!

Instagram has launched the beginning stages of testing a new, full-screen version of its main feed display, which now shifts IG content to look a lot more like TikTok, taking inspiration from the latest user trends.

If you are a full-time user of Instagram, this will make total sense. Instagram has already announced that it’s working to focus its content feed on Reels, given the continued growth and popularity of this format. This comes off the back of the latest news coming out of Meta, which noted that Reels already make up more than 20% of the time users spend on Instagram.

As of right now, Stories are currently bringing in more money for Instagram than Reels, due to there being more of a structure in place to sell ads on Stories. With this said, Instagram does intend to add more monetisation options on Reels, however in its latest earnings call it was announced that the push to monetise Reels will take place over multiple years.

So, as these latest monetisation tools and processes progress, it’s clear that this is where things are headed, with all content to flow through a full screen, a scrollable feed of static posts, with Reels and Stories, all in the one place.

It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but rest assured, change is on the way.

Snapchat x Cameo leverage celebrity influence using latest partnership.

For as long as we can remember, brands have used the power of celebrity to increase awareness and influence consumer spend. Now, with ideas around fame quickly changing, the creator space has paved the way for social media influencers, reality TV contestants and world-famous gamers to work alongside high-profile celebrities as brand ambassadors and influencers. Since its inception in 2020, Cameo for Business has helped connect the space between brands and over 45,000 accessible talent.

With all of that that in mind, Cameo for Business is now partnering with Snap to create the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program, giving Snapchat brand partners access to Cameo stars creating high performing advertising content. It also gives top creators another way to make money by connecting them with new advertiser partnerships via Snapchat. Working in partnership with brands to connect with the strongest available celebrity talent for their campaign and produce tailor made assets that fit perfectly within the Snapchat environment.

During initial beta testing, Mattress Firm collaborated with a range of Cameo talent, delivering an 8-point lift in ad awareness, 2x the category norm, according to Snapchat. The Snap Ads portion of the campaign also achieved a video view rate of 3x the retail category average. Participants in the campaign included athletes, public figures and celebrities like Erin Andrews, Kerri Walsh Jenning, The McFarland Family, Mary Fitzgerald, Johnathan Taylor and Shareef O’Neal. However, almost none of these are established talents on Snapchat, instead favouring platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With this latest partnership offering, the opportunity to leverage the power of individual celebrity has never been easier or more accessible.

“Cameo and Snapchat are perfect for each other, we’re thrilled to bring our partners even more flexibility and opportunity to reach the hearts and minds of our community,” said Peter Naylor, VP of Sales, Americas, Snap Inc. “Cameo’s incredible talent roster, married with Snapchat’s ad offerings, will create a true win-win-win partnership for our marketers, Cameo, and Snapchatters everywhere. We can’t wait to see brands get involved.”

Written by Nathan Brake and Kyle Mercado


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