4 things we learnt at the Kaimera offsite

14th April 2022
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14th April 2022 Max Zagorski

4 things we learnt at the Kaimera offsite

As a couple of new, young client co-ordinators at Kaimera, it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and forget about the big picture. With 12 months of experience in media between us, our first Kaimera offsite in the Blue Mountains gave us a chance to stop for 2 days and reflect on where we are as an agency and as people, all whilst bonding as a team.

1. Understanding Kaimera’s past, present and future – Max

The offsite opened with a business update. Our fearless leaders Nick & Trent ran through the success of the agency in the past year. Almost all of the business suggestions that were raised during last year’s offsite were implemented, which was amazing to hear. It’s comforting knowing the senior members at the agency are determined to make Kaimera a progressive Independent Media Agency and a great place to work. This session was also super helpful in understanding the broader goals of the agency for the next 12 months- some of which are very exciting! We were also led through a series of business growth sessions by our strategy expert Stew, where we were able to discuss what’s working at the agency and where some potential growth opportunities exist.

2. Passion is key for Olympians (AND everyone else) – Alana

On our second day we were surprised with guest speaker and Olympian Steve Solomon. Although there were a few sore heads in the house (from all the brainwork the day before…), Steve’s speech was a highlight for many. He talked us through his journey to become a 400M finalist in the Olympics, and the professional and personal highs and lows he faced in the lead up to the most recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics. By framing his speech as a race around the track, we were shown the values of perseverance, discipline and passion and the role they have played to build who he is today. Although I am no Olympian, I feel these key values around passion in Steve’s speech can be applied to everyday life, whether it be in a professional or personal context

3. Having personal values makes every decision easier – Max

After visiting the inspiration station with Steve, the next stop on the Kaimera offsite express was a session on personal growth, values and goal setting. Being fresh out of uni and new to media, I’ve never really sat down and thought about my own values before, but I came out from the session with a sense of clarity in how I should approach every decision I make in media as well as in my personal life. Using these values as a framework, we then re-evaluated our career and personal goals. I made a vow to get a bit more balance into my life fitness-wise through a better workout routine. A small goal update- I’m now somewhat of a yoga enthusiast (an unskilled one, but I’m working on it).

4. Working with the Kaimera Dream Team – Alana

Our final agency activity for the offsite was a scavenger hunt in the hotel grounds. We were put in teams and were given riddles to solve as we ran chaotically around looking for clues. The competition culminated on the tennis courts, where we undertook a series of challenges and ultimately, (I’m proud to say) our team took the victory. Other than the opportunity to get out in the fresh air, this team building exercise was an important way to connect with other agency members that you would not necessarily work with day to day, as well as understanding different working styles. It was the perfect way to end the offsite, getting to know everyone at Kaimera on a more personal (and competitive) level.


Written by Max Zagorski and Alana MacIntyre.



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