Top 5 Festive Ads

15th December 2021
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15th December 2021 Stewart Gurney

Top 5 Festive Ads

Christmas wrapped: our top 5 festive ads for 2021

As the team at Kaimera run frantically (with well-deserved enthusiasm) towards our festive break, we thought we’d get you all in the holiday spirit with a quick round up of our favourite 2021 Christmas adverts.

Christmas is always an interesting time for TV advertising in Australia. While it creates a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers by tapping into a collective cultural moment, Aussie advertisers have always struggled to create the ‘tear-jerking’ epic work that is seen in the UK and the US.

The main challenge is summer.

Unlike the northern hemisphere, families aren’t at home, sitting in darkened rooms, trying to stay warm, drinking mulled wine and getting stuck into some of the best programming of the year. They are out, typically enjoying the sun (thanks La Nina) and not glued to their screens.

Christmas is unique in this part of the world. Aussie advertisers attempt to reflect this with a distinctive mix of recognisable aussie characters, familiar scenarios all underpinned with an upbeat ‘summer’ music remix. This year is no exception. From festive flying sugar gliders, singing mailboxes, festive BBQs all the way to fairy light covered caravans. This year’s festive haul has something for everyone.

So, without further ado, here are Kaimeras top five festive favourites:

In joint fifth place we have Coles and Woolworths. Being brutally honest, they sit in joint place because they are pretty interchangeable. Lots of vignettes of Christmas cheer, interspersed with the occasional reference to a charity partner and subtle nod to the pandemic. While the overall feel of both ads is nice and the level of spend with undoubtably make them recognisable, we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

Next up is Aldi ‘you can’t over cook Christmas’

It’s fun, loud and definitely distinctive. Probably not a usual Christmas soundtrack, but the clever use of music gives it a definite edge that makes it stand out from the rest of the category. The insight that this year’s aussies are wanting to make the most of holidays (given the last two years) is relatable and explored in an interesting way.

Coming in hot at number three is ‘Tis the season of Yes’ from Optus.

The ad tells the heart-warming story of two sugar gliders preparing for the arrival of a newborn — inspired by the neighbouring human family experiencing similar life events.

Despite the creative having all the major ingredients of a stellar festive ad, it misses the mark in a few places. The story is a bit complex to follow and relies on consumers paying full attention to the story and pulling all the bits together. This feel a bit short sighted when we know our pervasive dual screening is and how distracted we are all at the moment.

Number two is Kmart ‘for all types of Christmas’.

What we love about this ad is the sheer celebration of diversity. Lots of different types of Australians all celebrating in their own unique ways. Diversity has obviously been a theme coming out of 2021 and we expect to see more Aussie brands tap into the trend next year. Different types of representation on our screens is so important, it helps to show what a rich and distinct cultural tapestry we have in this country.

This year’s hotly contested number one spot goes to…. (drum roll) Michael Hill.

This spot is full of all the ingredients that make a Christmas ad. A heartfelt story, an awesome soundtrack and it’s got the product/brand at the centre of the work. At Kaimera, we love simplicity, and this ad has simplicity in buckets. Doesn’t ask too much from the viewer and definitely leaves you with the festive warm and fuzzies.




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