Three Big Marketing Questions for 2022

9th December 2021
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9th December 2021 Stewart Gurney

Three Big Marketing Questions for 2022

Three big marketing questions to ask yourself in 2022

As the craziness of 2021 finally starts to draw to a close, the inevitable trend predictions for 2022 start to emerge and inundate our inboxes. This year we’ve decided NOT to join the clutter. We are all about keeping things simple at Kaimera, so instead we are going to leave you with three big questions to think about as we move into 2022. These questions are designed to help you think more specifically about how societal, technological, and cultural changes intersect with your business, and what you can do to prepare for what we know will be another ‘unprecedented’ year for the advertising and marketing industry.

Question one:  What Covid behaviours did you see that you want to continue or subvert?

Covid changed a lot of things very rapidly. From significant increases in online shopping, QR code adoption right through to newfound passions like mixology and/or baking. Behaviours changed, and consumers got used to doing things very differently. This adaptability is at a crossroads. As the world moves into ‘covid normal’ brands cannot assume that these new behaviours will continue, the urge to revert back will be strong. So, for brands that want these behaviours to continue- think about investing and rewarding. Use advertising to celebrate and champion the continuation of these behaviours, make people feeling like everyone is ‘still’ doing it. Find ways to reward behaviours. Whereas previously necessity was the force that drove the change, brands may need to move to incentive-based methods to continue the momentum.

Question two: How are you going to stand out in 2022?

Next year will be cluttered, busy and distracting. Advertisers, who had previously cut spend over Covid (especially travel and automotive) will be back with a bang. Not to mention a whole raft of new brands and categories who have done well over the last two years and are now ready to invest heavily in marketing. Add to this a general election, which will put a whole heap of money into the market, not to mention a range of different sporting events (Winter Olympics) which will change investment patterns. Not only will there to lots of advertising vying to attention, but 2022 will see increases in consumer distraction. Pent up travel demand, increased savings combined with a need for new a different experience will mean consumers won’t be sat at home watching our ads. Brands will have to find more engaging, innovative, and interesting ways to connect with consumers. Creativity is going to be so critical in 2022. Not just brand messaging (the ‘what’ you say) but creative uses of brand behaviour and environment (the ‘how’ you say it).

Question three: How is your business thinking about profits, people, and the planet?

In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of the triple bottom line. A business practice that doesn’t just focus on the relentless chase of profits, but factors in the impact that a business may have on the people it influences (staff, customers, etc) and the how it interacts with the planet (sustainability, supply chain, etc). As Covid stress begins to wane, consumers will start to turn their attention to the environmental and societal impact that different brands have. Consumers will make product decisions based on how they publicly treat their staff and what sustainability stories they can credibly share. A great example of this is Lush, who this month has taken the stand to move off social media. In 2022 consumers will be looking at businesses through the lens of people and planet and brands will need to ensure they can stand up to the scrutiny.







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