Blood on the streets and buses

5th October 2021
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5th October 2021 Olivia Scott

Blood on the streets and buses

The past 18 months have shaped the world around us and impacted us individually and collectively in a myriad of ways. For our clients and their respective categories, the impacts have been vast and unique. For one of our foundation clients Koch Media, and the gaming category as a whole, this has meant that several key titles were either put on hold or postponed for the foreseeable future.

In 2020, an estimated 1/3 of developers stated that COVID-19 caused a delay of the games they were working on, a combination of the pandemic and remote working conditions. By 2021, this had increased to 44%.

With this in mind, it was a huge and exciting win for Kaimera and Koch to work on the campaign for the release of Back 4 Blood that went live this week. Relatable in its content and timely in its nature, Back 4 Blood is an apocalyptic first-person co-op zombie shooter game that focuses on ridding the East Coast of America of a deadly virus that is wiping out the population. Sound familiar?

A creative brief in its essence meant that Kaimera and Koch were able to focus on an OOH-led strategy which marked Koch Media’s first dalliance with OOH since the outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on the release of titles. Keep your eyes peeled for gory visuals on trams in Melbourne & invitations to come slay across buses in Sydney and street furniture assets in the suburbs. Tapping into our partners extensive data offerings we were able to identify key suburbs on Australia’s very own east coast that over-index for horror genre fans to ensure we were positioning the title in front of those most likely to have an interest in high reaching and high dwell time environments. Watch out Marrickville and Bondi Junction there are horror fans amongst you…

Keep a look out for the eye-catching creative but most importantly make sure you purchase your very own copy once the game is released on the 12th October.

To really get excited you can view the games trailer here.


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