Top 3 Benefits of an Indie Agency

21st September 2021
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21st September 2021 Ayesha Foote

Top 3 Benefits of an Indie Agency

  1. Family-like culture

The Kaimera family is made-up of 20 amazing individuals, whereas previously I was in a 45-person team. This alone is a huge difference. It’s more important than ever to focus on culture in a smaller agency, which is what Kaimera has done well. Everyone is their own person at Kaimera and are cared for by their peers and the senior leadership team.

  1. Access to seniority

There is great talent at Kaimera, all under one roof and there is unlimited access to resources with this team. The agency is so collaborative, that there is no red tape or hierarchical issues stopping the junior staff or middle management from being part of the action. This means they can have a say in bigger company decisions like creating or changing processes.

I’ve loved that I get to work closely with our Founders, the Head of Client Service and Directors daily on various projects, and that they will check in to see how I’m doing or if I need anything.

  1. You’re not defined by your job description

The job description is fluid in the sense that you can reach up and reach down, rather than having strict roles and responsibilities which often cause complacency. The company is agile and with that agility, it means you’re working across every part of a campaign and can own a project from the start to the finish. You can wear all hats. We do everything ourselves at Kaimera which is cool because I’ve already learnt so much that I wouldn’t have if I had stayed in a bigger agency.

There is more responsibility here. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone is a daily thing and playing bigger roles on projects, even pitches – which I would never have had the chance to do. You can put your hand up to be part of any aspect of the business you like. We all work across numerous clients and no day is the same.



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