Kicking Goals with Optus Sport

21st September 2021
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21st September 2021 Daniel Miller

Kicking Goals with Optus Sport

Agility is a term thrown around a lot in advertising and in business generally. Since joining Kaimera however, I have had the opportunity to see what it means for a business to be truly agile.

This agility was certainly on display with a burst of BVOD activity implemented for our client BritBox during the Euros Final in July. In the lead up to that fateful match for England and Italy, the opportunity it presented was recognised as a great platform to deliver reach of our target audience and contextual alignment with the match.

Thanks to speedy approval from BritBox, and support from the team at Optus Sport, we were able to launch a programmatic campaign within a matter of hours on the Friday before the match.

Come Monday morning we were exceedingly happy with the results from the activity – even if the match result itself was a disappointment to our English Kaimerians (turns out it wasn’t coming home after all).

On a positive note, we were able to deliver for our client high-impact impressions in what was, for many of the viewing audience, the largest sporting event of the year.

Jimmy Kerr, national advertising sales manager at Optus Sport said:

The Euros was a fantastic tournament and one that we were very privileged to bring to life here at Optus Sport. The sentiment around the team’s coverage was fantastic and this saw us generate our biggest ever live audience of over 900,000 for the final.

Across all metrics – reach, frequency, CPM, CPCV – the campaign had delivered and delivered well. On that basis, with the English Premier League season just around the corner, we were only too happy to proceed with more activity through the early rounds.

Bringing these campaigns to life is one of the greatest satisfactions I’ve had in my role at Kaimera to date. The Kaimera client executives are always thinking on their feet and it’s a pleasure to be able to work alongside them in creating great outcomes for our customers.




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