TikTok Takeover

17th September 2021
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17th September 2021 Will Mitchell

TikTok Takeover

The Tiktok Takeover continues: Tiktok surpasses YouTube in viewing time per user in both the UK and US.

App monitoring firm App Annie has crunched the data and found that the average time spent per user, on apps is higher for TikTok than YouTube. They described the app as “upending the streaming and social landscape.” While YouTube is still the bigger video site, in regards to users and total videos watched, the App Annie report found that the average US TikTok user has a higher viewing time than the average YouTube viewer. Could this be a direct reflection of this new generations viewing habits with Gen Z glued to their phones? What’s interesting is the way the app is being used. From art videos, vlogs, fashion, life hacks and way more there are a million reasons to use Tiktok.

Where people used to watch a “how to” video on YouTube, the younger generation is increasingly turning to TikTok to find answers and be entertained. A recent article from Yahoo finance discusses how a whopping 38.8% of Gen Zers responded that they “learned about personal finance from TikTok, YouTube or other social media outlets, like Twitter or Instagram,” with 34% naming TikTok and YouTube specifically. While this stat can reflect how social media dominates the lives of Gen Zers it also raises questions regarding the validity of the information they are getting from the app. There’s no denying that there are helpful tips and saving hacks on the app, however in the world of fake news and misinformation, if the user is not vetting the content they are receiving (especially around personal finance), a short 10 second clip is not going to provide them with advice they should be using to make financial decisions.

TikTok is disrupting the disruptors and certainly makes for interesting viewing.



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