Google postpones death of the cookie

25th June 2021
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25th June 2021 Daniel Miller

Google postpones death of the cookie

It seems like another week, another twist in the ongoing saga of cookie deprecation.

With the recent reprieve given by Google to extend the deprecation of the cookie to 2023, I think it is safe to say the industry at large is still struggling to find a solution for the cookie-less future, or at least one that can be agreed upon.

It is a confusing subject, and there are a lot of voices in the market offering potential solutions – MI3 mentions today that ‘Chrome and other industry bodies have offered more than 30 alternatives to third-party cookies.’

At this stage I’m not willing to hazard a guess at what the future holds in this arena. I echo the sentiments of many colleagues in the industry that mitigation of the loss of cookie-based behavioural targeting (which is not perfect anyway), is to be found through more contextually relevant and brand safe ad placements. I’m well placed with this opinion working in Kaimera, the first of our Six Principles of Media Buying is Context Matters.

It seems a simple premise but when you dive further into the subject and start to learn how you can apply contextual targeting to campaigns, it becomes apparent to me at least, that it is not a poor cousin to behavioural targeting.

What concerns me more at this stage is the question as to how we effectively attribute success to the channels that have driven it.

On this matter I think it is important to be engaging with partners focused in this area.

We have enlisted the help of Tealium in this realm – a customer data platform (CDP) – who work, essentially, to collect, standardise and understand data.

A recent meeting, I had with them hit home the following points for me:

  1. Adopt a 1st party data, first approach – leverage owned and valuable data sources to build a persistent and real-time view and profile
  2. Build an agnostic EventData Framework – shifting from client-side to server-side to enable profiles and IDs to persist longer and continue to see clear attribution
  3. Have a unified view of data – which talks to the important role a CDP plays in having this agnostic and real-time view of prospect/customers

As time goes by, I have no doubt the field will change even more – Apple’s recent iOS15 update put paid to a number of possible attribution solutions, either in part or full. This can’t be helped, but what we can do is ensure that we have future-proofed targeting strategies in place and continue to work in market to ensure we’re providing best in class solutions for our clients.


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