Learning in lockdown

17th March 2021
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17th March 2021 Laura Addison

Learning in lockdown

My name: Laura Addison

Years in industry: 1.3

Biggest achievement: making it through my first year in media during a global pandemic.

Picture this… Two months into your first ever big girl job. Just getting over the adrenaline rush of presenting facts about yourself to the team, and the anxiety of meeting with clients for the first time. Everything is new and exciting. Unfortunately for me, not long after I started at Kaimera, Sydney and the world shut-down, resulting in an industry built on relationships forced into the cloud, and me at home suddenly disconnected from my managers and teammates.

From being let go on Monday morning, and then returning to work duties on Friday, following the introduction of Job Keeper, it is safe to say I was relieved but emotionally drained.

During lockdown I found learning challenging, frustrating, but also very rewarding (I wasn’t aware of this last one at the time). It taught me a lot about myself and how self-doubt was my own worst enemy. It also taught me that not every decision, email, thought, or question was going to be perfect (though I still strive for this daily). I definitely learned that starting a new full-time job in an industry foreign to me was not going to be as easy as pouring a beer on a Saturday night.

Fast forward a couple of months and we were back into office life. Workload had increased, with opportunities for me to grow, be stretched, and be motivated. What was, initially, the most daunting part of my job, is now the most exciting and rewarding. Being in a position where I am exposed to almost every media channel, across several clients, gives me the opportunity to own, implement, report and most importantly, present to clients on a weekly basis. The thing I’m most proud of is how far I’ve come – from being afraid to fail during lockdown, to tackling each challenge I face head on – I’ve found a resilience I know I can tap into in difficult situations I might face in the future.

As we come out the other side I feel immensely proud of myself and the whole team in making it through such a tough period. Everyone was tested and challenged in different ways, but our ability to rally as a team is a testament to our culture and the values we embody at Kaimera.



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