The Future of TV

1st March 2021
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1st March 2021 Jade Harley

The Future of TV

Last week (Feb 25th) we attended the Future of TV Advertising conference, held in real life with actual attendees. The industry came together to discuss a wide array of topics, including the content pipeline, the opportunities of connected TV and engaging conversations with award-winning CMOs Brent Smart (NRMA) and Lisa Ronson (Coles).

Our buying director, Ngita Bowers and our head of client services, Anna Magliano share their top 5 takeouts from the day:

1. TV can deliver both short and long term ROI, due to the customer elasticity of the channel and the synergy TV has with other media channels – it has a quicker, stronger and more sustained impact on business demand generation.

2. Long term brand building and distinctiveness are the hardest challenges that marketers face – however, TV content can have a role in establishing these for the marketer.

3. We can use the power of different types of context to effect attention, memory structures and lessen the path to purchase to get more out of the media buy – Sport ‘excites’ which taps into favourability and news ‘informs’, tapping into credibility.

4. There is a strong appetite from clients, agencies and media to work towards a unified measurement of the total TV package – all are eagerly awaiting the launch of  Voz (the foundation of Australia’s new ‘Total TV’ reporting standard). Due to setbacks, the launch is now expected in June 2021 (with limited data initially).

5. Addressability still has challenges;

  • How do we measure and then deliver effectiveness through addressability?
  • We need understand the value exchange for the user better, in giving their data over and their concerns on data privacy

Overall, the conference was well received, with increased positivity on display and a commitment from all the networks to work together to address  industry wide challenges.


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