Who won this years’ Super Bowl?

15th February 2021
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15th February 2021 Jade Harley

Who won this years’ Super Bowl?

Beyond football, cheerleaders and half time shows – The Super Bowl has become just as synonymous for the variety of different famous (and often infamous) advertising carried across the game.

The Super Bowl offers advertisers the increasingly rare commodity of ‘guaranteed reach’, with over 96M Americans (nearly 30% of the population) tuned into the game.

This type of audience reach doesn’t come cheap. The cost of a 30” spot is around the $5.5M USD mark ($7.2 Aussie Dollars) which, despite the financial difficulties many advertisers have faced in recent months, is only a small reduction from last year. However, for the first-time advertisers are having for pay additional money to be featured on CBS’s online live stream, adding an additional $390K AUD to the total media cost.

This year’s advertising showcase was definitely different from previous years. Despite the obvious references to Covid and the emergence of ‘we are in it together’ emotionally-driven creative, there were notable absences from a few big brands.

For the first time in 37 years Budweiser didn’t appear in the game, instead they opted to invest the money to promote Covid vaccine adoption. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kia, and Hyundai were also absent this year, due to a mix of financial scrutiny (Coca-Cola recently axed 2,000 jobs in the US) and a move of funds into CSR focused initiatives.

So, who were the winners? Well, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs and, as voted by Kaimerian’s “Uber Eats” won the battle of the brands.


Uber Eats, powered by one of Australia’s independent agency powerhouses – Special Group, delivered an uplifting execution. Supporting ‘local’ eateries via a revival of Wayne’s World referring back to their local access TV roots. The team here loved the nod to nostalgia, the random appearance of Cardi B, and the use of the ad to support local restaurants and eateries in what has been a tough year for many of them.

Check out the ads here and see for yourself.



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