The Apple iOS 14 effect

15th February 2021
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15th February 2021 Jade Harley

The Apple iOS 14 effect

Digital marketers are paying close attention to the iOS 14 iPhone update and what this means for brands, agencies and digital marketing. According to Apple they are making moves to further protect their users data and privacy. Putting it simply, users will have more visibility on the data that apps are using and they will have the ability to opt in/out of sharing their data while advertising platforms will have less visibility on their users data.

Trent McMillen, our chief digital officer said, “In a nutshell, Apple is changing the way app developers can access the IDFA (the unique identifier for mobile devices) from an opt-out to an opt-in approach. Before the iOS 14 update, IDFAs were available for the majority of users. With the roll out of iOS 14 putting control in the users hands, we expect see low numbers opt-in. This will result in advertisers and platforms having access to a mere fraction of the percentage of the previous IDFAs available.”

While it’s too early to predict the extent of the impact this will have marketers and their ability to target and re-target, anyone who uses Facebook Business Manager will know that Facebook have been proactively warning users about the effects of this update. From a Facebook pixel perspective, advertisers have been prompted to ensure they have three main updates to their account before the update:

  1. Complete domain verification
  2. Plan ahead to operate with 8 conversion events per domain
  3. Initial configuration and how to change it

For more information about the update, how it will affect your digital marketing specifically through Facebook and how to prepare for these changes check out the links below.

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Facebook Pixel Updates for Apple’s iOS 14 Requirements

Written by Will Mitchell.


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