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27th November 2020
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27th November 2020 Jade Harley

Fresh Feeds

Social update

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Instagram is launching in-app social shopping event

Instagram Australia is launching a world-first in-app shopping event on December 3, InstaNight Shopping, in conjunction with the launch of its new Shop tab. The event will allow major Australian retailers, household brands and small businesses around Australia to share in-app deals with Instagram users in an effort to support local brands following a difficult year for the retail industry. The event comes off the back of significant increase in users shopping on the platform, with 80% of Australians now saying they’ve made the decision to purchase a product on Instagram.

Snapchat Acquires ‘TikTok for Music Creation’ App Voisey

Snapchat has made a big move by acquiring music creation app Voisey, which enables users to create their own music tracks using a range of vocal effects. Known as ‘TikTok for music creation’, this app will surely be a huge hit with the ever-growing TikTok’er audience and bring a lot of them over to Snapchat if they aren’t there already.

Facebook’s new feature makes it easy for people to give back over this season of giving

No-one can deny that 2020 has been a dogs breakfast of a year with many communities severely impacted. Facebook have a fantastic new initiative,(US only at time of writing) that makes it easier for communities to connect together and collect food, clothes and other goods for those in need. The drive’ feature is accessible through the search tab at the top of the Facebook page, after typing “community help” people are able to request or offer items for those in need. Let’s hope this is rolled out globally soon.

Snapchat Launches Spotlight

Snapchat is preparing to rival TikTok with their new ‘Spotlight’ feature. The feature allows users to share short-form videos publicly within the app, a similar service to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok. To promote this feature Snapchat announced on Twitter that users could earn a share of $1 Million a day for those who submit the best content. Where Snapchat has traditionally been an app to share content with your personal social circle, they are taking a risk with this new future, in the hope they will take some of their users back from the new behemoth on the block that is Tiktok.


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Written by Luke Creeley & Will Mitchell.


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