Attention please

10th November 2020
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10th November 2020 Jade Harley

Attention please

As advertisers come to understand more about capturing and holding attention, they can develop methodologies, refine strategies and invest in the right channels to make their campaigns work harder, writes our chief strategy officer, Stewart Gurney.

The word ‘attention’ by its nature implies active or explicit processing. Being able to deliberately focus on something and commit it to memory. However, we know that advertising works both on an explicit and implicit level. Influencing short-term memory and subsequent action, but also long-term memory and future decisions. Therefore linking ‘attention’ solely to short metrics like ad recall or short-term purchase, actually could be doing it a disservice.

While we are getting better at measuring attention, the complexity of how advertising is decoded and influences short-and long-term purchase decisions create challenges.

Head to Marketing Mag. for three things to consider when crafting media campaigns and strategies.


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