Audience Match

17th September 2020
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17th September 2020 Jade Harley

Audience Match

Nine & Adobe partnership announced

At the Nine virtual upfronts 2021 yesterday, the company announced Audience Match – a custom destination that matches hashed email addresses from an advertiser’s data with Nine’s audience data, creating an audience not dependent on cookies, with every ad impression linked back to a person.

The deal will see Nine develop a purpose-built solution directly into Nine through Adobe’s data management platform (DMP), Adobe Audience Manager. Audience Match will allow Nine to assist brands in matching their customer data (both online and offline) to Nine’s 13m registered users through one streamlined integration.

Nine’s partnership with Adobe means they are the first local media company with a viable offering to challenge Facebook and Google. The news is being applauded by the industry at large, especially in the face of the impending cookie-less world.

Trent McMillan, our co-founder and chief digital officer, says the Adobe partnership has the potential to be a huge game changer for Nine.

“What we’ll be watching closely is how the product is rolled out and if all agencies/clients will have the same level of access and ability,” says McMillan.

“Being a small indie, a key benefit with the Google and Facebook offerings is that ultimately size doesn’t matter and all advertisers have the same level of access and functionality to segment, profile and target their respective audience.”

Commenting, more broadly, on the Nine Virtual upfronts, our CEO, Nick Behr said, “It was a new format for everyone, but Nine did a great job in delivering their key messages. I think we all understand they are ‘BIG’ – their scale and depth came across very clearly and I particularly liked that they leaned into the fact they are Australian owned.  I look forward to seeing how this comes together, particularly for clients who aren’t as ‘BIG’ as brands like Coles and Kia.”

Read the full article on AdNews.


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