Pin it, shop it

15th May 2020
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15th May 2020 Jade Harley

Pin it, shop it

What started out as a platform for finding new recipes and DIY ideas has turned into a major shopping search engine.

5 million Australians log onto the platform every month (source: Pinterest) and a partnership with Shopify now enables retailers to turn their products into Shoppable pins.

The app on Shopify includes a range of shopping features including tag installation, catalog ingestion, automatic daily product updates, and an ads buying interface. For Shopify merchants, this means easy set up and access to distribution across Pinterest with or without ads, as well as reporting and results tracking to maximize reach. The app automatically creates a connection between the individual store and Pinterest, so the merchant doesn’t need to edit code or add development resources, making it seamless for businesses of all sizes.

Before you take any action, read these four quick steps to help you get your brand ready for selling.

1. Determine your target audience

It’s always important to have a good understanding of a platform and the users before starting a new campaign. Put together a customer persona to ensure you know exactly who you need to be targeting on the platform.

2. Set up a business account

Having a Pinterest business account is different from a personal account. You get access to more features including analytics, ads and other elements neccessary for selling on Pinterest. You can switch your personal account to a business account by logging into your existing profile and converting it.

3. Brand your account

Your social media profiles should be immediately recognisable to your customers and followers. Brand your profile with a high-res logo or product image that matches your other social profiles, optimise your bio, and brand with high quality imagery.

4. Link and verify your website

The final step is to link and verify your business website. Adding your website is simple enough, but then you need to claim your website. To do this, add a meta tag or upload an HTML file to your website. You can learn more about how to do this here.

You can only verify and claim one website for each Pinterest business account, so make sure it’s your main site that you make sales from or you won’t be able to create a shop and link your products.

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