Media agency predictions

8th January 2020
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8th January 2020 Jade Harley

Media agency predictions

What does 2020 have in store for the media industry?

Of all the areas of adland, media agencies were one of the main areas subject to major changes, mainly in leadership.

In 2020, agency leaders all agree the landscape will shift once again, with some claiming the mental health conversation will become even bigger. Others have their eyes on the shake-up in the digital space, with the fallout from the Digital Platform Inquiry set to make significant waves.

To get a clearer picture, AdNews spoke with some of Australia’s top media agency leaders.

Here’s what our CEO Nick Behr had to say:

I predict the social platforms will see a change in fortunes in line with changing consumer perceptions, both of their business conduct and the products themselves. The seeds of distrust have been sewn, and the ramifications on the digital behaviour of consumers, particularly on mobile, are already evident. More than a ‘digital detox’, I suspect ‘digital fasting’ will become the norm in future, as consumers become more conscious of digital dependency and data privacy when it comes to social media. Media investment can be expected to follow this trend in 2020, with advertising revenue growth unlikely to reach the heady heights of recent years as the big brands slow their spend on these platforms.


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