Nobody is forcing you

8th January 2020
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8th January 2020 Jade Harley

Nobody is forcing you

Agencies: Nobody is forcing you to pitch

“The fact of the matter is the clients hold all the cards. They always have.” A strong opener from Media Sherpas CEO, Nancy Hill, in her recent opinion piece for Campaign Asia. It’s accompanied by an equally hard-hitting headline, Gruelling pitch conditions to stay until marketers shift disrespectful power dynamic.

Both statements struck me as emotionally charged, hardly an uncommon symptom when discussing this particular topic. In fact, the agency pitch process has been the subject of much conjecture of late, most recently at MFA EX, where agency leaders went head to head on the issue of price undercutting and the seemingly endless ‘race to the bottom’.

Our CEO Nick Behr’s takeout:

The pitching power imbalance is real, and it’s wrong, but in my experience, it doesn’t reflect the majority of what’s happening in ad land, at least not with Australian owned clients.

I can’t be alone in thinking that the positives still far outweigh the negatives when it comes to pitching. Surely it can’t all be fire and brimstone?

In an independent agency like ours, for example, it’s is the lifeblood of our business.

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